A slave from Thay, who fought and won his freedom through his faith to Tyr and the injustice of slavery in the lands of Thay. Now he devotes his life to routing out evil and bringing justice through the lands.



17 STR 17 CHA 16 WIS 12 CON 10 DEX 9 INT

Saving Throws Para/Death – DC14 Rod/Staff/Wand – DC16 Petri/Poly – DC15 Breath Weapon – DC20 Spell – DC19

HP – 10 Movement – 12

Non Weapon Proficiencies Oratory Diagnostics Law

Weapon Proficiencies Lance Sword Dagger War Hammer


Bastard Sword :: One Handed :: 25gp :: M/S/6/1d8/1d12 p. Shield Medium :: 7GP p. Studded Leather :: 20gp p. Tabard (Tyr) :: 6sp p. Cloak (Blue) :: 8sp p. Backpack :: 2gp p. Rope :: 9sp p. Helmet :: Basinet :: 8gp p. Torch :: 1cp p. Light Crossbow :: 35gp

Total 98.3gp



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