Demos Bled


Name: Demosthenes Bled

Race: Halfling

Orientation: Straight

Class: Thief
Gender: Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Age(Max): 19(95)
Height: 63"
Weight: 161 Pounds
Level: 3              
XP: 3899           
Money: 2000 GP 
HP 12
Str Hit prob Dam Adj Weight Allow Max Press Open Doors BB/LG
12 0 0 45 140 7 4%
DEX Reaction Adj Missle attack Adj Defense Adj
18 0 0 -1
CON HP Adj System Shock Res. Survival Poision Save Regeneration
13 0 85% 90% 0 nil
INT Languages Spell Level Learn Spell Max Spells Illusion Imm
12 3 6 50% 7 —
WIS Magical Def Adj Bonus Spells Spell Failure Spell Imm
11 0 10% —

| CHA Max Henchmen Loyalty Base Reaction Adjustment | | 15 7 3 +3

| Weapon Proficiencies

P Quarterstaff 19 4 B 1D6+0 1D6+0
P Dagger or dirk 19 2 P 1D4+0 1D3+0

Proficient in:



Forgery | Find and Remove Traps: 30% | Open locks: 40% | | Detect Noise: 20% | Pick pockets: 15% | | Hide in shadows: 25% | Read languages: 10%

Climb Walls: 60%           |   Move Silently: 40%                 |




Basic Quarterstaff 15 GP

Light Shoes 1 GP

Tunic 8 SP

Good Cloth Cloak 8 SP

Hat 1 SP

A Month’s Meat and Ale and Bread 1 GP

A pig(Harry Plopper) 3 GP

BackPack 2 GP

Healing Potions x5 Tools:

Dog Pepper 1 SP

Climbing Claws 20 GP

Arm Sling 3 CP

Razor Ring of Silver 10 GP

Grappling Iron 3 GP

Marbles 2 CP

Empty Vials 1 GP

Lockpicks 5 GP

Glass Cutter(Nicely Handled) 120 GP


His friends call him Demos. He believes the actions of most thieves to be big in talk, but vain in action. The facts speak for themselves, and he is a man lives on the wrong side of the tracks with the right intentions. A thief by trade who fights for whoever he damn well pleases. He is a mysterious and scary little man. He thinks more than a common burglar, and seems capable of love even as a lousy criminal. He is a professional in a world of greed who gets information at any measure. Friends are dangerous, but they are the only connection he has.

He values good fair competition in line with his personal goddess, Waukeen. He learned the value of gold in th Bell Market district of Everlund, after leaving his parents at the age of 15. He had no more need for reliance on rules. Many trade routes with many goods came through Everlund, and in time he became a master of getting what he needed. While he doesn’t like to resort to pocket-picking, he will, but he would much rather fence valuables or swindle someone fairly who honestly must not want the money anyway.

The morals of the street left him always questioning motives, and he can never pick a side and stick with it. He is often quick with a joke or smile, but if you have something valuable, he needs it, and you are too stupid to protect it, your throat will be getting a cool breeze.

He has a brother, Locke, who he has not seen in three years and doesn’t really want to. He is a master locksmith who foils his attempts at every turn.

Demos Bled

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