Devoted druid who will stop at nothing to keep the balance of nature in check.


AC: HP:9 PPD:10 Save WSR:14 breath weapon save:15 spell weapon:16 base movement:12

non-weapon proficiencies animal handling animal training direction sense singing

weapon proficiencies scythe proficiency club proficiency


In childhood, Frost was a prodigal singer and very happy with his mother and father. By the age of ten he was known as one of the greatest musical in Baldur’s gate. after his 12th birthday his mother died only to be replaced with a horrible women who spent all their money on liquor and jewelry. After two years of abuse from the vile women he ran away from home. As he was walking in a dense jungle he was ambushed by hyenas pinned down and without hope frost begged for his life. The hyenas laughed and scampered away frost was all but relieved and as he walked away he saw a vision of a goddess he was thought to believe was Silvanus. The woman spoke into his ear a few words and from that day forth he has followed Silvanus’ ways and has become a protector of the wilds big or small.


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