Dove's Sword Coast Campaign

Lughaidh's Shopping

Lugh seeks out the following magical scrolls: Maximillians Earthen Grasp, Melf's Acid Arrow, Invisibility. All level 2. he is willing to spend up to 4000gp on this, but he would prefer obviously to get them as cheap as he can and will try to work to do so.


 Aside from that he will also seek out a heavy warhorse and barding for it, as best he can get without spending over 1000gp. He doesn't care how the horse looks so long as it is a well bred, strong and brave. (He names it Dream.) Additionally if a possible trade is available, he will trade his old horse in favor of a pack animal.


Beyond that he will investigate ships for sale, primarily to get an idea of the cost this side of the ocean, and perhaps propose the purchase of one to the group should a notable deal be found.



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