Dove's Sword Coast Campaign

About Kayess

It should be noted that beyond the severe physical penalties associated with a familiars death (-1 permanent loss of Con, death if you fail a system shock check) that Kayess has been close friend and companion to Lughaidh for over a decade.

As such Lughaidh does not view nor use her as a mindless summon or attack dog, the cases where he has done so were in extreme cases where to do otherwise would result in certain death of himself, or a ally. In total to date he has done so only 3 times.

The two together are a boastful, mischievous and happy go lucky pair that will take on all comers, within reason.


If a choice between Kayess or a party member came up, he would pick Kayess and vice versa. This is simply the nature of the pair.


Much of this would likely be easily observed by seeing the two together around camp, rarely are they apart, or asking of them.

Besides that kayess will willingly participate in campaigns of liberation, providing of course the object being liberated is fruit. She often takes joy in pulling small pranks via her ability to cast cantrip and go invisible at will. Her euphoric breath is something she tends to rarely display except as a final resort.

Demos' Requisition

“A good strong horse, or so I have heard, is crucial for any adventurer” thought Demos as he silently padded his way through Neverwinter. It was like he had never seen a horse, always considering them noisy things, unsuitable for the good life(so to speak). Demos is certain that a trained warhorse is worth at least 400 Gold. He adjusts his concealed bag of 2000 Gold and continues on his way.

Rubbing the bruises under his tunic, he vowed to find some of those red bottles of health potion fighters seem so quick to consume in their endless quests to die a gruesome death. He felt like one. On second thought, a nice covering of leather armor may be just what the doctor ordered to stop the pain from piercing the shell.

On the offensive front, he’ll need three more daggers for his repertoire before he can start throwing the things around willy-nilly. He’s a pro. If he can find a less common quarterstaff to beat things with, all the better.

To see, a bullseye lantern, to tie, silken rope, to climb, crampons for his boots, to do other things, oil. So many things for the thief on the move in todays society.

He sits down and tries to get a feel for the city. If you quiet the mind, you can feel the underbelly of society. He heads to the seedier districts not for women or illicit substance, but for the tools of the trade. If he can find the damn place…

Val's Shopping

Val meanders around Neverwinter, taking stock of all the shops he comes across. He find a place to sell his +1 footmans mace. While he is walking about he buys a sundry list of items including several daggers, a baldric bandoleer, and some sashing to hide a few more of the daggers in. He also looks for potions that he could use, elixers of heal are not his top concern but potions of healing are. He also looks for any upgrades to his current weaponry.

OOC: Want to buy Healing potions, weapons +1(Bec de corbin and falchion), 4 daggers, 1 bandoleer, 1 sashing.

Lughaidh's Shopping

Lugh seeks out the following magical scrolls: Maximillians Earthen Grasp, Melf's Acid Arrow, Invisibility. All level 2. he is willing to spend up to 4000gp on this, but he would prefer obviously to get them as cheap as he can and will try to work to do so.


 Aside from that he will also seek out a heavy warhorse and barding for it, as best he can get without spending over 1000gp. He doesn't care how the horse looks so long as it is a well bred, strong and brave. (He names it Dream.) Additionally if a possible trade is available, he will trade his old horse in favor of a pack animal.


Beyond that he will investigate ships for sale, primarily to get an idea of the cost this side of the ocean, and perhaps propose the purchase of one to the group should a notable deal be found.

Lughaidh's Tale

So, there i am, seeking to in a most humble manner have a drink after a long day of work, alas it was not to be. Two strangers seeking the great wisdom of the slayer of the minotaur mage came and begged to hear the tale of my victory.

 What could i do, they had come so far?

As i related my victory, wherein the noble intentioned if suicidal peasant who thought himself a noble followed along, acting as our mule. Where the humorously inept thief kept getting us into trouble. Where the cowardly peasants that made up the rest tried hard, yet failed, to aid me in a task only i could do.

In such awe were they, that i couldn't help but allow them to follow and see my deeds in person when the high priest called for me, knowing only I was capable of stopping the new menace.


Upon arriving it became clear that the new threat was sure to be a even greater and more glorious conquests. Descending upon the town of DieDragonDie was a vast horde of Dragons, no doubt incensed by the towns name.

As i valiantly rode off on my Griffon steed i along with my admirers camped along the northern road, but it was not to be a peaceful night…

Th, er, Six dragons attacked us in our sleep, no doubt thinking, wrongly, it was the only way they could defeat me. Silly dragons, everyone knows i can't be defeated. It was the screams of terror of one fan, a thief named Lost, that alerted me from my deep concentration.

My other companion, Tauros, charged, alas he fell head first into ones foot to little effect. I laughed, and with a single flurry of spells elimi, Ow! Uhm, oh, right, I and the most powerful living dragon and loyal friend and companion Kayess eliminated them all in one strike!

 Ah yes, and then.. oh, well what do you know my mugs empty, and my throat.. its getting dry… 

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